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Software Application development Service

Software Application development Service


Today, business demand is transformed into software applications, which used the advanced technological age to provide great user experiences to customers. Many times, for example, people wonder how to develop android app

lications? Or how to develop a web application?

The world demands feature-rich solutions that connect to the latest technologies like location and mapping information, real-time video and notifications, near field communication (NFC), data capture, and more. But the real challenge arises with the different devices and versions of the operating system to develop the next generation software application.

The development of software applications for all these devices needs the implementation of advanced technology by experts. We are rooted to serve a large number of clients with the blend of latest technology with our interdisciplinary team to help to create solutions with software and technology. We focus on testing, universal code review, and transparency to lower your total cost. We believe in offering a solution that the customer dreams of. We develop software applications to your requirements that safely achieve your business objectives.

How It Works When We Think About Software App Development

Our software development service encompasses all the necessary phases to obtain a product tailored to your needs.

Analysis- We analyze and document the needs raised, at ADEE InfoTech we consider that this phase is especially important to develop a quality product within the deadlines set for it, we use the following techniques:

Requirements taking- We collect in a document the transmitted needs

Use cases- They individually describe each user interaction with the system to be developed, greatly facilitating communication between IT and user.

Functional design- It consists in the decomposition and structuring of the requirements at the system level into subsystems. Basically, it is about defining, when facing a project, what needs to be done, leaving aside the "how".

Developing- It consists of the product development phase, depending on the size of the project, this phase is divided so that the client can test the first modules while we continue developing the next ones.

Multi-platform- Our programming experience allows us to offer developments on the main platforms, Windows, Linux, iOS etc.

Scalable- Our programming methodology guarantees scalable and maintenance-friendly software applications.

Development and quality standards- We use development standards and design patterns widely used today.

Implantation- We take care of implementing the product in your systems, this phase includes the following phases

Test phase- Creation of test environment where the end user can validate that the functionality of the product fulfill the requirements.

Training- We train your staff in the handling of software applications. So, it will become easy to use.

Documentation- We provide all kinds of product documentation for both systems departments and user manuals.

Development Of Software And Applications For Medium And Large Companies

We design preserving the aesthetic line of our customers, respecting their brand manual, and with a friendly Appearance and Finish, following the latest trends of the market. Dedicated to the performance of the user interface and its experience (UI and UX), we bring about the user's attention for user business.

Productivity And Efficiency- ADEE InfoTech is in essence, a Software Application Development Company in Noida, our desire is to create software applications that add value to our customers. We emphasis our efforts on improving efficiency, simplifying processes, and generating more profits for your business.


Safety And Reliability -We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified, managing the quality of our services and operations. From the first contact with a commercial executive to the after-sales service and support, respecting established SLA levels, everything is audited and follows procedures aimed at customer satisfaction. Our datacenter has intrusion-proof security systems and we offer encryption solutions so that your data is encrypted and not readable by anyone.


Flexibility, Scalability, And Portability -Changes and improvements in the applications will be easy to implement thanks to the work methodology with which we work, allowing us to make changes without taking too long. We take your application to various platforms, such as PCs, Tablets, and SmartPhones, regardless of the operating system you have: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.


Count on us to enhance your existing systems and extend it to other businesses.


Why Choose ADEE InfoTech For Software Application Development Service

The following are some of the reasons you should choose us for software application development services.


1. Custom Made Suit - We develop custom software using the latest updated technology that suits your needs perfectly. This system is adopted to meet the business requirements of diverse customers.  Everything is discussed with the client so, no loop can remain uncovered. It is surely the most essential reason to choose our custom software application development service.

2. MINIMUM COST- Sometimes the costs associated with developing a business software application for your company are higher than purchasing the end product, and other times they are not. The long-term benefits of investing in our software development service are much more valuable than purchasing ready-to-use products. We have a reasonable price package that focuses on the core of your business (applications and systems).

3. MAINTENANCE- With our software application development, maintenance is included for as long as it is needed. Also, you get standardization of deployments to accelerate the development and implementation of applications, mitigating long delivery times, installation processes, and configuration of traditional infrastructures.

4. INTEGRATION- Our optimized application software is a great solution for program integration. If your business requires various software programs, you can enjoy the benefits of working with our custom-designed software application to integrate multiple processes. In this regard, our bespoke application software helps you achieve more than you demand.

5. SUPPORT- A great benefit of our software applications is an efficient and reliable technical support policy. You have full access to the technical support team that participated in the development process of your application, so all the problems you may encounter are solved efficiently. You can also, optimize the degree of virtualization of your systems and their access architectures.



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