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School Management System

School Management System

School Management System

Managing a school may involve hundreds of minute tasks which are all important. By automating this, one can ensure both security and accuracy in each work. A school management system acts as a helping hand for this automation. By enhancing the functionality of e

ach task, it helps track and monitor everything easily. Once you need your own school management system, you must trust the School Management System Development Company in Ghaziabad.

With a well-managed school system, it is easy to create, manage, and access data related to students, teachers, staff, and other facilities like transportation. School Management System Development is essential for each school because it also helps conduct other activities properly like scheduling of classes, conducting examination, fees and salary management, etc.

Why you need School Management System Development?

Many schools have a practice of maintaining a book of records and documents manually and thus they hardly understand the benefit of school management system. An educational organization does require a well managed, automated school management portal because of the following reasons:

  • To manage accounts and administration of school appropriately.
  • To establish a perfect communication link between students, teachers, and parents.
  • To connect to education stakeholders and other organizations.
  • To maintain a secured and easily accessible database that has all relevant information.
  • To store and organize information about students and their performance.
  • To keep a track of teachers' timetables and their activities in school.
  • To maintain a proper library system and book availability.
  • To manage admissions, fees, and salary.
  • To conduct several online examinations and formulate the right results and performance reports.
  • To carry our actions for complaint and query section.
  • To keep track of backup facilities.

Features of school management system developed by us:

When you choose School Management System Development Services in Ghaziabad, you can get a perfect, feature-rich school management system. Some of the common features of our school applications are:

  1. Portal for student information – In a school, there can be thousands of students studying. With the portals that we craft, it is easy to keep track of each student wisely. It helps store essential information of individual students and helps manage it. This includes student attendance and performance.
  2. Portal for teacher information – In a school, there is a teacher assigned to every class. It is equally important to keep information about this as well. This portal helps you store information for each teacher. It can help you monitor teacher activities and their classroom schedules.
  3. Portal for parent information – With our portal, you can also connect with respective parents. Parents get the flexibility to view the progress reports of their students anytime. They can also keep track of their activities, performance, and attendance.
  4. Parent-teacher collaboration – The portal allows collaboration and communication between parents and teachers. On this portal, teachers can provide their feedback about each student and parents can monitor it. It also has a separate dashboard for announcements related to school activities.
  5. Attendance and timetable management – The portal enables monitoring attendance. For school management, it is easy to keep track of the attendance of students as well as teachers. Further, it also helps maintain a perfect schedule of classes to be conducted in the school.
  6. Online examination and assignment management – When you choose School Management System Development with us, you can monitor the schedule for online examination to be conducted in your school. Further, it also lets you manage assignments that have to be assigned to students by teachers.
  7. Transportation management – Every school does provide pick up and drop up facilities to students. This portal helps manage transportation efficiently. With this, it is easy to formulate a route chart report. It also helps keep a track of each student’s route easily. With this, you can also track how many students actually avail bus services from the school. 
  8. Fees and salary management – This portal also help manage the fees received by the school with proper bifurcations and salary that is to be paid to each staff of the school including teachers and other servants.

Benefits of school management systems:

When you choose School Management System Development Services in Ghaziabad, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increase productivity of school activities because management is easy.
  • Best accuracy can be maintained in records related to accounts, salary, and fees.
  • Proper management of classes and other activities.
  • Track of performance and result reports of the individual students.
  • Management of teachers schedule and easy assigning of class timings.
  • Easy management of other in house activities like transportation, furniture, etc.
  • Monitoring of admissions of students and appointments of teachers.
  • A track over all sorts of examinations that are to be conducted within the campus. 

Why choose Adeeinfotech for the school management system?

There available so many companies that claim to offer the best school software development but among them, you must choose the School Management System Development Company in Ghaziabad with Adeeinfotech. There are various reasons for this, among which some are:

  • We craft an efficient school management system that can help you manage your school activities.
  • We help develop a user-friendly app that is easy to use for your users.
  • With our personalized school software, you can boost your productivity with proper management.
  • We believe in offering customized solutions that can meet all requirements of your educational organization.
  • It can be accessed easily anywhere by school staff, students, teachers, and parents.
  • Solely developed for an individual school, it helps reduce the burden of the school and improves functioning and scheduling.
  • We have expert developers that have successfully completed several relevant software in past.
  • In case you face any issue using our software, you get easy to support and assistance services with our experts.
  • We also provide backup facilities for the software we create so that data can be retrieved in case of loss.


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