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Online Education Portal

Online Education Portal

Online Education Portal

The traditional concept of education has changed in recent years. With the involvement of technology, the education sector has actually evolved. The traditional way of imparting education has completely changed and concepts like e-learning and e-

books have been introduced in educational institutes. When you wish to impart education with advanced IT solutions and digital media, you must get Online Education Portal Development today.

With the transformation in the education sector, it is pretty important to create portals that are interactive and meaningful for students. When you choose Online Education Portal Development Services in Ghaziabad, we craft aesthetic and pleasing portals that can help you impart education in the most interactive way.

Why online portals for educations?

If you are a proud owner of a coaching institute or a school, you must plan to change the way you impart education to your students. For every educational institute, it is important to evolve with time. Thanks, to technology that now there are various innovative ways to impart education and one among these is Online Education Portal Development. There are various reasons why one must go for online education websites and these are:

  • It is interactive to ensure maximum engagement of students.
  • It saves a lot of time that students usually waste traveling to reach their respective educational institutes.
  • It offers a wide range of materials to be studied because the internet is an ocean of information.
  • With educational portals developed by Online Education Portal Development Company in Ghaziabad, it is easy to conduct an examination, assessment, and tests.
  • It helps monitor student development.
  • With such portals online admissions get easy.
  • Such portals also support reports and catalog creation for individual students.
  • It let you create online communities with experts’ teachers and excellent students.

Custom Online Education Portal Development services:

When you choose Online Education Portal Development Company in Ghaziabad, you can enjoy the following services:

  1. Learning Management Systems – We have an expert team of developers that help develop expert domains with their expertise and rich experience. With our education portal, you can also enjoy other multiple services like and educational training programs, review learner performance, schedule training, etc.
  2. Learning Content Management Systems – We help you manage and track your student’s records with our learning content management system. This provides an easy way to manage registrations. It also helps you in other activities of hosting, scheduling, conducting tests, and its assessment for tracking individual students. This helps make online training activities more interactive.
  3. Student Information Systems – Each app developed by us is developed keeping all your specifications in mind. With this system, you can easily store all student information. This lets you enlist other details of individual students as well that may include their grades, attendance records, etc.
  4. Web-based Training system – With this system, you can make the learning process easier and interactive. We also help develop web-based training portals. We have experts to help you create different training programs for your students. This includes solutions for colleges, businesses, schools, and other institutions.
  5. School ERP – With our strong ERP systems process data is actually easy. We help create ERP systems for colleges, schools, and universities. With this portal, students enjoy learning in the easiest possible way.
  6. Mobile App – We also help develop mobile-oriented educational applications for our clients. These apps can not only help you coordinate with your students but also with their parents to conduct assessments of each individual student from time to time. With our smart mobile apps, your students can enjoy learning anywhere and everywhere right on their smartphones.

Features of the online education portal:

When you get Online Education Portal Development services with us, you can get feature-rich education portals. Our applications may include the following features:

  • Interactive user interface – We help develop a user-friendly app that has all features of interactive e-learning.
  • Strong admin panel – We add a specialized admin panel that is easy to manage and handle. It let create ids, add a password, and change them for student and teachers use.
  • Appropriate monitoring - When you choose us for education portals, we craft an application with which monitoring is quite easy. It let you work over online learner performance, student’s engagement, and their satisfaction level.
  • Responsive design – All education portal developed by us have rich, responsive design that can schedule courses and classes anytime and anywhere. We keep in mind, the requirement of our client and help develop an application that can deliver the best interactive messages.
  • Mobile friendly – We can also help develop mobile-friendly education portals. That lets students learn right with their handheld devices.
  • Interactive content – We understand that interactive and meaningful content is most important for better learning and thus we collect all information that you wish us to include in your portals.
  • Multiple formats of data – We ensure providing the best viewing experience. We share knowledge in all forms. This may include information in text, video, audio, and images. We help include lectures, presentations, and notes for your users.

Why choose Adeeinfotech for education portal development?

Among so many companies that promise to offer the best education website, you must choose Online Education Portal Development Services in Ghaziabad because we offer the best portals development. Some of the reasons why you must choose us are:

  • We have years of experience in education portal development and we have completed many successful projects so far.
  • Each of our apps maintains the highest level of quality standard.
  • We have highly skilled professionals who have in-depth knowledge in the education industry.
  • We have a dedicated team of experts and we assign different experts for each project.
  • We help develop customized education management portal that can fit well with the personal expectations of our clients.
  • We offer 24/7 customer support as well so that you can contact us, in case you need any assistance.
  • We help maintain security with each app.


A significantly planned site is surely the most critical essential for an entrepreneur, who goes into the online business world and needs to offer 100% fulfillment to his clients.

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