Grocery delivery Ecommerce System

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Grocery delivery Ecommerce System

Grocery delivery Ecommerce System

India’s retail market generated a revenue of $79 billion last year. The market is expected to reach a staggering value of $188 billion in the next four years. These stats signify the fact that India’s online eCommerce sector is still in its nascent stages. For entrepreneurs looking to

occupy a significant part of the Indian eCommerce segment, now is the time to invest wisely in a grocery delivery app solution.

Attracting the audience towards a grocery delivery platform is quite challenging, especially when there’s a neck-to-neck competition in the market. If an app can lure the audience and enable them to access services in a flash, there are high chances for the app to sustain for an increased timeframe. It is the features that can do the wonders of luring the audience and offering hassle-free services. Grocery delivery app development involves creating a separate app for.

  • Users
  • Delivery executives
  • Grocery store owners
  • Admin panel

Features of User app: 

  • User profile
  • Search and filter options
  • Add to cart
  • Schedule delivery 
  • One Payment gateway API Integration
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Push notifications
  • Order history
  • Reorder, etc.

Features of Delivery Executive app: 

  • Upload documents for verification
  • Availability toggle
  • Accept/Reject delivery requests 
  • Earnings tab
  • In-app chat/call
  • In-app navigation, etc. 

Features of Grocery store owner app:

  • Order dashboard
  • Availability toggle
  • Manage inventory 
  • Geolocation
  • Manage payments
  • Customer support 
  • Push notifications, etc. 

Features of Admin panel: 

  • 3-Level category
  • Manage Product
  • Manage Courier services
  • Manage Store Owners
  • Payment Settlement with store Owners
  • Free and paid plan for store owners
  • Set delivery radius
  • Real-time analytics 
  • Sales report
  • Inventory Report
  • Set surge pricing
  • Manage transactions


A significantly planned site is surely the most critical essential for an entrepreneur, who goes into the online business world and needs to offer 100% fulfillment to his clients.

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