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About Us


We understand client's needs and deliver high-value results that transforms their business growth.


We understand the importance of crafting a structured data plan with rich snippets for successful project compleition.


We follow a discipline approach to identify and articulate the gist of the project.


We have a expertise and gelled team with full commitment to keep the entire process on track.

Who are We ?

ADEE InfoTech is a software development and comprehensive services company for the businesses, dedicated to provide solutions to the business demands of your company.

From our place, we are offering professional services for software development, both web-based and for developments run internally within your company. From the analysis of your requirements, through the optimization of the processes, reflected in a final software product, which can be used only in your company, based on the web, or a combination of both paradigms.

Our field of action covers aspects such as applications with databases accessible from the internet, client-server developments, or simpler software developments, both multi and single users.

At ADEE InfoTech there are no difficult challenges. An intelligent solution will be available for your company, whatever the type and size of it, and whatever city in the world you are in.

Why Choose ADEE Infotech ?